Perfect Pull-Up

Perfect Pull-Up

Perfect Pull-Up

The Perfect Pull-Up is a complete upper body fitness machine. The Perfect Pull-Up’s ingenious design engages more muscles while reducing joint strain. The Perfect Pullup Complete System includes the Deluxe Ab Straps allowing you to do off-the-floor leg lifts and crunches the way the professionals do it. The adjustable swing arms add new exercises like Australian Pullups and Standing Rows never before possible from a single pullup bar.

  • Fits any door frame from 27″ – 36″ wide
  • Easy installation in all standard door frames
  • Easily removed from door frame
  • Door can be closed while product is installed
  • Handles and bar can support user weights up to 300 lbs

Perfect Pullup

Perfect Pull-Up – Complete Upper Body Machine

Unique Rotating Handles

  • Engages more muscles
  • Reduces Joint Strain

Adjustable Swing Arms

  • 3 Exercise Positions
  • US Navy SEAL Inspired Workouts
  • Makes Pullups Easy for Beginners

Perfect Pull-Up Also Includes

  • 1 Adjustable Pullup Bar
  • 2 Swing Arms
  • 2 Unique Rotating Handles
  • 21 Day Workout Chart
  • 2 Deluxe Ab Straps

What are you waiting for? Order the Perfect Pull-Up today and get ready to get into shape!