What is Power Rod Technology?

The amazing Bowflex proprietary Power Rod resistance is a revolutionary advance in fitness technology. Power Rods were designed to provide progressive resistance. Unlike weight stacks Power Rods offer resistance throughout each rep. Working out with Power Rod technology feels rather unique compared to working out with free weights. Progressive resistance is designed to provide increased weight displacement the more the rods are flexed.

Power Rod technology is similar in concept to a bow and arrow. When you initially pull the bowstring back it’s somewhat easy but as you continue to pull further back the resistance increases. Power Rods essentially work in the same fashion. Take the example of an 80 lb rod. In the beginning of the rep you’re lifting somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 lbs. As you progress through the repetition the resistance increases to somewhere around 65 lbs. In the final phase of the rep you’re lifting the full 80 lbs. This is very different than free weights where the resistance is constant throughout the rep.

Bowflex Power Rods are manufactured using the highest quality materials under the strictest quality-control measures and they are built to last. Each Power Rod is tested before leaving the factory in order to ensure maximum strength, durability and safety. All Power Rods come with a No-Time-Limit Warranty.

Numerous studies have shown Power Rod Technology to be highly effective in building muscle mass quickly and effectively. In addition they have shown that more calories are burned during a resistance-based workout compared to an aerobic workout. In addition Power Rod technology has been proven effective in not only increasing muscle mass but increasing metabolic rate also. An increased metabolism is of course very helpful when it comes to burning calories and fat.

Bowflex utilizes Power Rods on the top-selling Bowflex Ultimate 2 and Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE home exercise systems. Bowflex Power Rod resistance technology was designed to enhance muscle development and get you into shape quickly and efficiently. Check out one of these high quality home exercise units and find out for yourself how effective a Bowflex Power Rod resistance based workout can be for you!